For this project I want to work with the Norse myth of how Thor and Loki fool the giant Thrym. This story features many fun elements such as Thor losing his hammer, and being convinced he needs to wear a dress. Since this story was never really intended to be pg my project will likely flirt with the line in terms of content as well. I have found a retelling of the myth that has been adapted for modern children here. I think this text is a good starting place to pull child friendly narrative elements.
Aesthetically I plan on utilizing the paper cutout style with a bit of additional detail created in Photoshop. I hope to incorporate a bit of Tim Burton esqe flair in terms of color pallet, perhaps a bit of silhouette, and character style.  Since my subject material contains just a few scenes (the realm of the gods and giants primarily) I hope to create a small number of more detailed scenes that can be utilized for multiple "camera angles". For my character animation I hope to utilize the puppet warp tools in after effects.
The modern flair is something I am struggling with but have a few ideas. Thor could embrace his opportunity to cross dress and slay as a drag queen? Thrym and Thor could actually fall in love? Perhaps all the characters are inspired by modern teens and carry smartphones? I will develop this aspect further as I progress through the project.
I am also uncertain on how I will integrate necessary dialogue into the work. Maybe I can achieve a good story without it.

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