Creative Brief
Our final advanced motion project will have the theme of “Save the Bees.” We will begin the animation with general facts about bees, such as their habitat, normal lifespan, and social patterns. Next we will go more in depth about their role in the world and their important job of pollination. Going into that more in depth, we will discuss the role of pollination for humans specifically to set up the terror of them becoming extinct. After throwing in facts about the declining population, such as the causes, rate, and consequences, we will dive into what is being done and what should be done to stop the extinction of bees.

Aesthetically, we will have bright-colored vector shapes with some illustrative qualities in the elements. Colors we will use are: honey yellow/orange, pink, greens/blues, white/black. Towards the end of the animation, the color scheme will turn a bit darker.
Mood Boards / Design Mocks
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